Andre Bishop

Kumo Izakaya founder and owner Andre Bishop is one of Melbourne's quiet achievers in hospitality. A self-confessed Japanophile and sake connoisseur, he's the man behind the revitalisation of Japanese institution Izakaya Chuji on Lonsdale Street In Melbourne. He also created Izakaya Chuji's South Melbourne offshoot. Andre is also behind Nihonshu Sake & Shochu Bar in Melbourne's CBD, his first venue dedicated to his prime passion of sake.

Other venues that have seen Andre's touch are the pioneering Japanese pop culture Robot Bar as well as the multi-award winning Golden Monkey (inspired by the 1920s opium dens and bars of Shanghai).

He is an Official Ambassador of Sake, earning the prestigious title of Sake Samurai from the Japan Sake Brewers association and also the Australian Brand Ambassador for one of Japan's most highly praised breweries, Dassai.

Seung Yeop Ryu
Chef de Cuisine

Having moved from Seoul to Melbourne in 2009, Seung has worked in number of  top restaurants during the past 8 years before stepping into the Head Chef position at Kumo Izakaya in 2016.

He refined his Japanese cuisine knowledge and skills at Komeyui, and further enhanced his art under the guidance of top chef Martin Horsley at no35 Sofitel.  Trained to blend European & modern Australian cuisine to delight the diner, Seung now uses his skill and passion to create a unique and eclectic experience of Japanese and Korean dishes.

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