Sake Brewery Tour 2013

A chance to explore a unique sake, food and cultural experience

At Kumo, we are not only passionate about sake and Japanese cuisine, our love extends to Japan itself. Its food, drink and culture inspire us to deliver an authentic experience with our own twist.

I'm Andre Bishop, Kumo's owner and I have been travelling to Japan since 1996, these days I make the pilgrimage twice a year to visit sake breweries, catch up on the latest trends and of course eat, eat and eat the world's most amazing food. 

One of the special experiences I have been enjoying the past few years is accompanying my dear friends Etsuko Nakamura and John Gauntner (my Sake Sensei) on their Sake World - Sake Brewery Tours. These amazing 5 day immersive tours give any sake lover, gourmet, foodie or indeed anyone interested in Japan a unique experience and adventure that I cannot recommend enough.

Join me in March 2013 for the best 5 days in Japan you will ever experience!
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Sake Brewery Tours destinations are filled with moments you cannot experience any other way. In 2013, the 5-day excursion immerses you in the ancient capitals of Japan in the Kansai region. 

Kansai: (Kyoto, Nara, Shiga) March 4 - 8, 2013
(Monday - Friday) 5 nights/5 days

Experience Kansai through sake, food, pottery, and the art and culture of Buddhism. From our base in Kyoto, we will have daylong explorations in the city and out to neighboring Nara and Shiga.

In addition to a sake lecture by respected expert and author, Mr. Gauntner and visits to sake breweries with him during the sake brewing season, the tour features a one-day excursion to pottery studios and an exclusive seminar in Shigaraki with Mr. Robert Yellin, the author of "Ode to Japanese Pottery-Sake Cups and Flasks." Our luxurious excursions also feature food and sake pairings only available in the area such as funazushi and a local game meat lunch with just pressed sake, a visit to a yuba (creamy soy vegetarian food) maker, joining the Goma fire ritual performed by Ajari who went through Sennichi Kaihogyo, a seven-year marathon pilgrimage and spiritual quest. 

This is really the ultimate Japan experience in 5 days. 

Group size is limited to 12. Don't forget to mention Kumo Izakaya when you contact Sake Brewery Tours.

Please visit for tour information.