A unique "dine with the brewers" sake dinner experience

Tamazakura Sake Dinner

Monday 13th July at 7pm - $120 per person - only 8 seats available

Join us for a very special sake dinner at Kumo Izakaya.

This rare dinning experience is a sake and Japanese cuisine lovers dream. Join the Sakurao brothers from the Tamazakura brewery located in Shimane prefecture for an intimate evening as they present three of their sake whilst you dine together and enjoy Kumo's award winning food.

The dinner with be hosted by Masahiro Takahashi (Taka) from craft sake importers Sakenet. Taka will be on hand to guide you through the dinner and translate the conversation of the evening.

This very special evening with be in our private tatami room and is strictly limited to 8 guests allowing for a unique sake experience like no other.

Book now as only 8 seats are available - $120 per person
Drink on arrival
8 course deluxe omakase dinner
Generous tasting of three premium Tamazakura sake
Unique dine with the brewers experience

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Sample the delicious sake crafted by brothers Shōhēi Sakurao and Keiji Sakurao - talk sake, talk food and talk Japan over dinner with the brewers.

The Sakurao brothers from a mountain village in Shimané prefecture make Tamazakura. All the rice is locally grown. Their philosophy is to make saké that they want to drink with their daily meal. It is a traditional ginjō that is great with food and even better when heated. 

About Tamazakura

Tamazakura have been making saké in the unforgiving mountainous region of Shimané prefecture, Japan's spiritual heartland, since 1892.

For generations they have practised the Tajima school of saké making, making rich succulent sakés with depth. In 1995 they formed a saké rice research group to encourage the development of saké rice growing in the Mizuho area. They started off with the rice strain Gohyakumangoku, and have been working tirelessly with local farmers to be able to include Yamadanishiki, Kairyō-Omachi, and Kinki 33 to their repertoire today.

The eldest son Mr. Shōhēi Sakurao has been continuing the tradition since 2004. He studied the art of Tajima saké making under Master Nakanishi for 6 years and currently leads Tamazakura as Tōji. He has been joined by his brother Mr. Keiji Sakurao, since 2008, who is in charge of the moto (saké starter) making.

The Sakurao brothers are committed to making traditional Junmaishu through complete fermentation. In recent years they have fallen in love with Kimoto, and have been putting a lot of work into their Junmai Kimoto series.