At Kumo Izakaya we advocate the mixing and matching of a wide range of beverages to match the izakaya-style dishes we have on offer. From sake and shochu to wine and whisky, you will find a different combination of food and drink for each night out. Drinking is after all an integral part of the izakaya dining experience!

Choose from over 70 different sake varieties, our concise yet comprehensive wine selection or from our range of house signature cocktails, each based on classic cocktail traditions with an added Japanese twist. Each item on our drink list has been carefully selected by our in-house wine, sake and spirit experts to match our sumptuous food offering.

Looking to have some drinks—maybe a light snack—but not a full meal? Seats at the bar and mezzanine level are available for those who'd just like to kick back with a drink. Light otsumami dishes are great for a nibble too.

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