The creative mind behind the signature dishes of Kumo Izakaya is head chef Seung Yeop Ryu. Seung appreciates the philosophy of adhering to the traditions of Japanese cuisine whilst keeping an open mind and view to blending traditional and modern elements. The dishes you will find on our menu are rooted in traditional izakaya fare but with a twist, incorporating elements  of south east Asian, Korean and Chinese street food.

Rather than having a set of mains, entreés and so forth to choose from, the dishes at Kumo Izakaya are varied by cooking style and designed to be shared with friends and with drinks. Izakaya style is the Japanese equivalent of Spanish tapas. Select from a range of grilled, steamed, vegetarian or rice dishes, have a platter of premium sashimi or enjoy a gourmet dessert. The dishes are sized to snack on or share between two people depending in your choice.

Alternatively leave it up to our chefs to guide you on your gastronomic journey with the omakase chef selections, designed for parties of two or more people. Set menus for larger groups are available.

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